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What is Healthy Families Monroe?

Promoting Positive Parenting

Healthy Families is a free, voluntary program that gives families useful information on parenting and child development.

We want families to have the support they need to reach their goals and build a bright future for their children.

  • Promotes child health and development.
  • Encourages stable and nurturing homes.
  • Promotes positive parent-child relationships.
  • Helps ensure that the medical and social needs of families are met.

For more information about Healthy Families Monroe:

Phone 305.809.5000

A Proud Part of the Healthy Families Florida Network

What is a Family Support Worker?

A Family Support Worker is someone who is trained to provide families with support and encouragement during the time of a new baby.

They offer families weekly visits during flexible hours, in the convenience of their own homes, to help parents manage the stress of new parenthood, share parenting skills and support parents in achieving personal and family goals for the good of the family.

Home visits begin with helping parents prepare for a birth, or after the birth of a baby, and can continue for five years. During regularly scheduled home visits, parents receive encouragement and support and learn about healthy child growth and development.

The Family Support Worker can link you to other community services.

This program is proven to promote healthier families and prevent child abuse and neglect in at-risk families.

Family Support Workers

Are trained to help with:

  • Maximizing baby growth and development
  • Fun learning activities for parents and babies
  • Well baby care and immunization schedules
  • Linking families to other community services
  • Promoting and encouraging education for parents and children


Am I eligible for Healthy Families Services?

Healthy Families will meet you to find out if you are eligible for Healthy Families services.

You may be eligible for Healthy Families Services if:
  • You live in an area where the services are provided.
  • You are expecting a new baby or you have a baby under 3 months old.
  • You have experienced or are currently experiencing stressful life situations that indicate you could benefit from home visiting services.

We help families
provide loving, safe and
nurturing homes.


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