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Become a Foster Parent

Every day in Florida children are removed from their homes because their parents are not able to provide the love and care they need – sometimes because they didn’t learn good parenting skills; sometimes because of substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence; sometimes because of all of the above.

As a foster parent, you can give a child the love and security they need. You can play a significant role in helping families heal and reunite and, when that is not possible, you can help them transition to a new home and a new family.

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Number of Foster Children in the United States

Services for Foster Children

While children are in foster care, Wesley House provides Independent Living courses in two stages, one for ages 13 through 15 and a second for ages 16 through 17, to teach them skills to help them graduate successfully to independence.The Independent Living courses assist foster youth to develop practical skills in budgeting and money management, resume preparation, job networking, banking, grocery shopping and nutritional meal reparation. Committed business and community leaders share their expertise with our foster children during these sessions.

Services for Foster Young Adults

Wesley House continues to offer help to young adults transitioning out of foster care, from ages 18 to 23, with financial, social, educational and vocational options.

The Road to Independence program offers scholarships to young adults aging out of foster care to provide financial assistance while the former foster youth is enrolled in a full-time educational program. Tuition is waived at any Florida public college, university or vocational school and the student receives a monthly stipend for living expenses such as rent, utilities and food.

Wesley House staff also help foster young adults with transitional financial assistance to purchase the basic necessities of setting up a home and to apply for Medicaid when appropriate.

What is Adoption

Legal adoption means that the child becomes a member of your family and is no longer a part of the Foster Care System.

As an Adoptive Parent, you make all decisions for your adopted child, just as you would for your biological children.

Most adults who can provide a stable, loving home for a child or children can adopt. There is a great need for adoptive families who have the patience and ability to parent teenagers, large sibling groups and children with special needs.

To become an adoptive parent there are a few basic requirements that you need to meet:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You may be married, single or in a stable relationship
  • You must be able to demonstrate financial stability
  • Adoptive parent must be in good health
  • Your home must be safe, clean and have sufficient space to accommodate children
  • You must attend an orientation class and all PRIDE training sessions
  • You must satisfactorily complete an Adoption Home Study
  • All adult members of the household, as well as those caring for the child or children, must pass a criminal record clearance
  • Adoptive parents go through the same training as a Foster Parent, but are ready to be matched with adoptable children once they are approved. Usually, the process takes about a year from the time a parent begins training classes to finalize adoption. It is a thorough process that ensures the most desirable outcome for both the parents and child.

There is almost no cost to adopt a Foster Child. The state of Florida will reimburse you up to $1,000 in adoption costs such as attorney fees and you are eligible for a federal tax credit in the year that you adopt.

Understanding the adoption process will help you to make the right choice for your family. Adoption is the gift of a lifetime and we would consider it a privilege to help you bring home the child that is the best fit for your family.

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